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Alto Domini 2015

Calfonard Bishomfriedy

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Supreme Pontif of the Mystery of Faith Ministries

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Our Principles of Faith

A Circuitous Exploration of the Defined Infinite

Where the Infinitely Large meets the Infinitely Small is in the space we call the Undefined.  An Undefined can be absolutely everything we can imagine and also be simultaneously absolutely nothing.  The infinite large meeting the infinite small is like a circle where any point on the circle can be infinitely small (zero) as well as any one of the infinitely large number of points on that circle.  An Infinite by its very nature is an absolute which can not be held accountable to any laws of nature or man.

Any attempt to curtail, contain and constrain this lofty free wheeling spirited Infinitely Large, is eluded by it becoming something that is extremely smaller than it was... and is so much less then it was.... that it actually ceases to be... and is instantaneously replaced by another Infinitely Large.    The same hold true for the Infinitely Small and by defining it, the Infinitely Small becomes much larger than it is and is therefore no longer an Infinitely Small.

The Infinitely Small and the Infinitely Tall (a little poetic license here) are so similar that they defy any ways or means to differentiate between them. It cannot be ascertained where the one leaves off or where the other begins or visa versa.  It appears to be the nature of absolutes.... undefined and infinite.  

It is the stuff that the Gods are made of…. elusive as well as allusive, creating the “everything” (infinitely large) from the absolutely “nothing” (infinitely small), and only fleetingly diminished by any rational means.  It is through circuitous means that Devine Infinites attain substance, not unlike the circle that provides the reference for the infinites large and small.

Calfonard "The Bishop" Bishomfreidy

Today's Word from the Bishop:

  If you learn to knoweth it when you seeth it then you won't be fooleth by it.

Any tolerance of false beliefs only diminishes the truth ... Calfornards letter to the Spams 3.4 Sec. 23

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